My Honest Take: The Top 5 Pros and Cons of Living in Colorado Springs

Are you thinking about moving to Colorado Springs?

Living in Colorado Springs is an experience like no other. As a long-time resident, I've come to appreciate the unique blend of natural beauty, city amenities, and community spirit that defines this city. However, like any place, it has its pros and cons. If you're considering moving to Colorado Springs, here are the top five of each, from my perspective.

Pro #1: The Breathtaking Scenery
Every morning, I wake up to the stunning view of the Rocky Mountains. The natural beauty of Colorado Springs is unparalleled, offering a variety of outdoor activities and a constant source of inspiration. However, this beauty comes with a price. According to Forbes, the cost of living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is 5-10% above the national average.

Con #1: The Ski Resorts are a Drive Away
Colorado is famous for its ski resorts, but they're not as close to Colorado Springs as you might think. It can take at least two and a half hours to reach the nearest ski resort, which can be a bit of a letdown for ski enthusiasts like me.

Pro #2: The City is Just the Right Size
With a population of around 700,000 in the metro area, Colorado Springs has all the amenities of a large city without the overwhelming hustle and bustle. Our food and entertainment scene is growing, and we're adding new facilities like an 8000-seat amphitheater.

Con #2: Rapid Growth Brings Challenges
Our city is growing fast, which brings its own set of challenges. Constant construction and development are part of our daily life in Colorado Springs, and our roads often bear the brunt of this rapid growth, with potholes appearing suddenly after rain and freezing weather.

Pro #3: There's Always Something to Do
Despite some people labeling Colorado Springs as a "lame" city, I can assure you there's always something to do. From shopping and dining to outdoor activities, we have it all. We're also attracting bigger entertainment acts and our food scene is growing.

Con #3: Homelessness is a Concern
Unfortunately, homelessness is on the rise in Colorado Springs, particularly in the downtown area and along the river. While it's not as severe as in some larger cities, it's a concern that we as a community need to address.

Pro #4: We Enjoy Great Weather
One of the things I love about living in Colorado Springs is the weather. We boast more sunny days than any other state in America. While we do have three months of legitimate winter, the weather is generally mild, and we don't experience extreme cold or constant snowfall.

Con #4: Limited Airport Connections
While we have a local airport, it primarily serves as a connection point to major airports like Dallas and Denver. This can make flying in and out of Colorado Springs more expensive or inconvenient.

Pro #5: We Embrace Change
One of the things I'm most proud of is how Colorado Springs is not afraid of change. We've seen significant population growth and cultural shifts in recent years. As we continue to grow and evolve, we're coming into our own as a major city.

Despite its drawbacks, I absolutely love living in Colorado Springs and believe it's a great place to live, work, and play. If you're considering moving to Colorado Springs, we offer a free relocation guide that you can instantly download on our website. Feel free to reach out to us for more information!

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